Help with new story cover!

Hello all you gorgeous people,

I’m in need of an artist/editor that can help me out with my story cover. I won’t be able to pay, however, I will give full credit and if there’s anything else I can do for you (promote your story on my insta etc,), I’ll do my best to do so!

My story is a mystery and the synopsis is:
Six friends enter the woods. Five return. Now, five years later, haunted by secrets, they are all forced to uncover the mystery that happened that fateful night.

Please let me know if that’s something you’d be able to do. I’ve done art with AI before for my other story, and I truly loved the outcome, so I’m looking for something like that. If anyone has any way that they can help out that’d be amazing!

I can help you x


Thank you for your quick reply! Do you have any examples of your art style? I’m quite particular on what I want the art to look like :sweat_smile:

This I’m working on atm x also do realism this is semi realism x

hi what do you want ur cover to look like, edited, drawn

if u can pm me i will be able to send one of my examples as i need more art examples <3