Help with Outcomes Using Point System

I’m having a problem trying to create different outcomes using the point system in my story. Even when I try having well below 10 points, it still shows the outcome of having 10 or more points. This is my script, can anyone help me please?

if (CHARACTER = 10) {

} elif (CHARACTER > 10) {

} elif (CHARACTER < 10) {


try using else command

I tried doing that as } else { for the third option but it still only shows the outcome if you have more points :frowning:

yeah… if the readers have more then 10 points … “else” will show that… right?

Change elif to else

Have you checked your story modifiers under the character with the points you’re checking? I’d check those and set them manually through either the portal right before the scene you’re testing (and remove them after testing), or set them via the previewer (on either the app or web previewer) through the story modifiers button.

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Did uh write @CHAR =0 b4 previewing?? Cuz if uh didn’t all the points will get added and also before publishing remove that code other the readers points will get to zero

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You have al 3 at 10. When you have 10 points you can go 3 ways :sweat_smile:

Maybe change it into:

Lower then 9
Higher then 11
Or =10

And indeed try to reset the program.

I also advice to do the @char=0 at the first chapter otherwise it might get messes up when you want to let the reader check the points.

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No, the way they do it is best. If they did it the way you suggested, that would exclude those that have 9 points or 11 points. Using less than 10, equal to 10, or greater than 10 includes all point values.

It all counts 10 with it by all. So 0 to 10, 10 till 20 etc.

Actually, @Winteronepisode is correct.

>10 means anything over 10 not including 10
<10 means anything under 10 not including 10

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Lower than 9 is 1-8. 10 is 10. Higher than 11 is 12+. This is your way. Using less than 10 includes 1-9, 10 is 10, and greater than 10 is 11+. The only time it would INCLUDE 10 is if you used these symbols instead: ≤ or ≥—which isn’t an option on the portal.

Thanks all for the information. I figured it out with your help :slight_smile:

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