Help with outfit choices

Whenever I got to do an outfit choice, the outfits I type always come out as “doesn’t exist” - how do I get around this? Please help! :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Can you post a screenshot of your script and the error?

Are you sure this is how you named those outfits?

The outfit name should turn pink after you save your script :ok_hand:

I’m new to the whole writing thing haha, how do you save outfits ? I was just writing the names of each outfit down as they appear on Episode, whoops haha

You need to make an outfit first and save it. There’s an option to do this after you make your characters :blush:

ahhhhh okay!!! Thank you so much!!!

Make sure that “Something Flirty” has an ending bracket.

No problem :blush: Good luck with writing! :smile:

@Alexx.lapakka is right!
The outfits you created doesn’t exist.

I would love the idea of an automated outfit creator-where if you type an outfit name into the script, episode makes a random one for you.

You can support that idea here, but only if you want:

Also, to see how to create outfits and save them, check out:

(for ink)

And for limelight:

Though making and saving outfits for both ink and limelight are done the same way.

Good luck with everything! :smile::blue_heart:

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