Help with over the shoulder angle



I was really excited to try Episode Life’s over the shoulder template, I tested it with some random characters to see how it’d look like and I instantly loved it. However, when I tried it with my current story I ran into a problem.



My story was originally meant to be for the Fantastical contest but since it’s my first story I decided it’d be better to take my time and not pressure myself. Anyway, the point is - my story is about fairies so the wings are a must. Is there any way to have a similar angle but without the wings covering the other character’s face? Please help, I’m in love with this shot.


I supposed you could spot the character at the front lower so the wings only cover the neck down, but I’m sorry I don’t know the exact co-ordinates


It took me a while but I think I figured it out. @Jeremy or @Ryan, please close this thread.