Help with overlay and scene

Hi episode folks, I know I made another thread for this a few months back but I’m still having trouble making my car overlay darker. My character is in a night scene so the background is dark but my car overlay appears bright and doesn’t blend in with the scene at all as well as my character. I’ve read stories where the scene, overlay, and character are all dark and blend well with the night backgrounds. I’m trying to achieve this but don’t know how. Here is what I have on my script,

EXT. DAD’S HOUSE - NIGHT with CAR BUG REAR to 1.024 94 98 in zone 3 at layer 1 with EFFECT DIM 60 at layer 2

volume music 70 100
music crickets_lp

but notice in the picture attached below the car overlay appears way darker than the background to where you can see a line in the middle. How do I make my char and car overlay blend in with the night background? Please help. :pensive:


Try changing so the overlay covers the whole background and not just the car part (the dim overlay)

Change the scale of the entire dim effect overlay so that it covers the background and the car, and make sure your character is layered in front of both the car and the dim effect overlay.

how do I change the scale?

watch around the 4 min mark.

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