Help with overlay pleasee

Thank you​:relieved::slightly_smiling_face:

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This is the script

Its wrong I know pl help😩

add a closing bracket } on line 705

is your label named label_hairstyle?

Don’t judge me what’s a label​:joy::woman_facepalming:

if you want to give an option to come back if a reader is not happy (like in dressing game) you need to create a label

Here you can read and learn about labels:

so on line 677 add:
label hairstyle

and on line 713 change it to:
goto hairstyle

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Lol thanks you just saved my life​:joy::yellow_heart:

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I’m glad I could help :smiley:

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How can I make her be inside the bath?

you need an overlay

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Uh greaaatttt

Here you can find one, but you’ll need to upload background as well as it’s in different colour:


Why does it appear like that?Yesterday everything was fine

And also when you pan to another zone how can you see the character walk through it?

what’s wrong? :thinking:

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I want it in that way I have the same exact spot an everything but it appears wrong like I said yesterday everything was fine😕

delete line 1149 and 1150 and just add counter to your background

INT. BAKERY CAFE - DAY with COUNTER to 1.389 -318 1 in zone 1 at layer 2

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And also when you pan to another zone how can you see the character walk through it?

Okay lol I am getting on your nerves😬

No :joy: I’m sorry I completely forgot to answer that. Do you want camera to follow a character to another zone or you want just someone to walk pass trough while panning?

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Actually could you send me both​:joy::joy:

following character to zone:

&pan to zone # in S
@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y in zone # in S

for character walking through zones:

use same example like above, but it depends where you scene takes place, for example you’re in zone 3 and you’re panning to zone 1 and you want your BG character to walk through while you pan and go offscreen in zone 1 you just need to add zone number to your walking character :slight_smile:

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