Help with overlays, backgrounds, etc. * NEW WRITER*

I’m writing my first story but I need help. I’m still sorta in the planning process but I would like to start making backgrounds, overlays, and covers but I don’t know how. Can anyone leave a few tips, please! I feel like actually having those things will make the writing process a lot easier for me.

So any apps and of course tips will be appreciated, also people who are willing to do free commissions.

Hi there! Well, I would suggest requesting through art shops as that’s the easiest options but if anything, here are some great websites which are free for personal use:

For background removals

Text overlays:

And I usually use canva for a lot of my works :))

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Also, to make custom backgrounds, a lot of people either use overlays and create them that way, or digitally paint them| digitally edit free backgrounds including episode ones. I also do covers and story cards including coming soon ones!

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