Help with overlays being backgrounds

So i was trying to upload a background in the overlays, which is png. But for some strange reason it says that it’s not png and i can’t upload it . Do you know what can i do?

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Try this: lmk if u need help!

Now it doesn’t let me select the image:(

Can you upload it to me?

Maybe I can help.

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Wait are you trying to upload this as a background or an overlay?

as an overlay

You have to resize it since it has to be under 1MB (:

For example, if its a 1 zone background, half both 640 & 1136 then u can scale it in the actual coding (:

Try this:

That’ can’t be 1MB since I just tried it to save @andrya some time and it won’t upload (:

PNG and compressed.

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Yeah, I was about to say that. Nevermind :joy: ty, again Megan (:

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Your welcome (:

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it doesn’t work:(

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It’s under 1MB for me though… I compressed it again, you see if this works.

Else you can compress it yourself. Here the link:

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It worked now, thank u:) <3

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