Help with overlays in a scene

Yes a very small one.

And my other overlays are still moving just not these

there is no reason it would act like that if the preview sees the overlay it has to let you move it too…it looks like bug to me try to refresh the page maybe.

I did I even exited out of it and it’s still not working. :confused: Sucks because been working on this for over an hour and now if it is there’s no telling when it will work last time I had a bug it took two weeks before it worked again :frowning:

do you have any error above the preview window?


And any script error on the right (accept that the overays are still in review?) - roll down in the error window to check

No only the review one.

hmm… Ok try one more thing …instead of creating the overlays next to the background use

&overlay OVERLAYNAME create


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Okay if that works where do I add the spot directing for it after I spot it. Sorry never used this way.

just click the copy button under the preview and than click to your script on line under the create command and padte it (ctrl +V) and it will copy to your script automaticly

it will look somethinh like this?
@overlay 5134804135182336_BADGE shifts to 40 299
@overlay 5134804135182336_BADGE scales to 1.405 1.405

There is one thing when you create it next to the backgrount is it awlays visible first.

While with create command oit is always invisible firts so you have to set also the opacity to 1 to make them visible

here is all about animating overlays :joy:

Idk Im just going to delete the scene because now it’s trying to turn one of my overlays into a character and idk why because I put overlay in front of all over them all I did before was layer them all and haven’t even got to being able to try the way you said because its trying to make and overlay a character.

can you show me the script?

Yes, one second. I exited out again to see if I couldn’t get it to stop lol

The whole page isn’t loading now. I’m going to give it a bit and see if it will let me back in.

:rofl: OK OMG I am really sorry it turned like this.

Lol It’s okay. I think I just need a brake for a bit today

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