Help with overlays please

@overlay TEXT1 create and overlay TEXT2 create and overlay TEXT3 create

@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@overlay 4912539268808704_TEXT1 shifts to -101 -169
@overlay 4912539268808704_TEXT1 scales to 0.349 0.349
@overlay 4912539268808704_TEXT2 shifts to -352 74
@overlay 4912539268808704_TEXT2 scales to -0.206 -0.206
@overlay 4912539268808704_TEXT3 shifts to 0 0
@overlay 4912539268808704_TEXT3 scales to 1.000 1.000

I can move the overlays around but I can’t see it ? like it’s not showing in the writer’s portal. If I drag the mouse I can change the numbers but I still can’t see the overlay why is this,someone please help

Add the opacity after the create command for all the TEXT overlays…

The command is-
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in (seconds)

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Thank you I’ll try it in a minute

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