HELP with personality quiz for my story

i need help with my personality quiz for my story

try capitalizing “You are a guardian” and “You are a messenger of God”
when writing dialogue the first word has to be Capitalized

unexpected donacode usually means the text isn’t in the correct formatting

ive done that but its still showing errors

AUTHOR (talk_neutral)
Your test shows…?
{ You are a guardian.
elif (ARMAITA > 3)
gain result_2

You need some sort of dialogue before you can move onto the next choice, I believe.

AUTHOR (talk_neutral)
Your test shows…?
“You are a gardian” {
AUTHOR (animation)

You also need to keep to the if/elif/else code as that - so if you want to use more than 3 choices and such you would write the if first, then keep writing elif until you get to the last one, which would be else.

If you need extra help, check out dara amarie’s website, she has plenty of guides that may help you.


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