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Hey there.
So I make covers for people and I just have a quick question for anyone who has experience with photoshop. I want to know is if there’s a website or app that will perfectly remove characters from their background. Take this for example:

Say I want to remove this character from it’s background and make the background transparent. Is there anything that’ll do this? I normally have to manually remove characters from their background and it always looks really iffy. Help?


use the photo editor pizap it helps me


Thank you so much!


no problem


in photoshop, there should be a tool called “magic eraser” or something like that in the tool bar. try finding it and adjust the tolerance to your liking to get rid of the backgrounds! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!


you’re welcome!


The tool I use to remove back rounds is the “magic wand” it deletes solid color back rounds.


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np, good luck!


Adobe Phtotoshop Mix is a great app


A lot of programs leave a small white (or whatever color the background is) line around the character which kinda sucks. What I usually do is just use the polygonal lasso tool on pixlr to manually cut it out. It does take about 5-10 minutes, but it is better than having that annoying outline.


Another thing you can do is make the background an episode background,( like submit it) then make a random story, customize the character as you’d like, and then code the character doing the desired action. Then you can go to the app and go to that story and take a screenshot. That’s what I usually do so I don’t have to manually take it out. This might be harder for some though


I appreciate all the advice!! :heart:


I suggest cutting the background using POWEPOINT or the app ERASER

Eraser gives you the chance to clean up the outlines after youve finished cutting it out!


Thank you so much :smile:


Use pics art! I absolutely love it


You can use powerpoint, just click on the image, go to format tools then remove background