Help with placement for close up of different characters

I am trying to write a scene where I change who is having a close up in a scene as I’ve not done it before. Below you will find the two backgrounds and the overlay involved as well as the bit of script that starts this sequence off.


INT. BOOKSHOP DOOR - DAY with BOOKSHOP DESK in zone 1 at layer -1
@cut to zone 2 AND zoom reset
&NATHAN spot 0.873 93 191 AND NATHAN faces right AND NATHAN moves to layer -2 AND BIANCA spot 0.829 180 191 in zone 1 AND BIANCA faces right AND BIANCA moves to layer -2 AND ANAYA spot 0.893 272 155 AND ANAYA faces right AND ANAYA is rear

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks :slight_smile: xx

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Do you mean like zooming in on characters?
If yes, you can do this with the zoom tool in the previewer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I do mean zooming in so you can the rear character’s face with a different background yeah but every time I’ve tried it just looks awful, that’s why I asked for help :slight_smile:


Are you using a phone previewer or the portal. I find it easier to use the phone previewer with zooms. Also if you’re trying to go from one character to another start with the zoom for the first character.

When you want to zoom to the second character use the zoom command

@zoom on 123 456 to 122% in 0
(Just an example lol)
It should automatically go to the next character.

I can send you a video of mine on IG if you dm me to see if its what you are looking for lol

I always test things out on my mobile yeah, if that’s what you mean?

And thanks for the advice.

No problem. And alrighty.

If I were you, I would specify a layer for ANAYA and I’d also flip the desk overlay (you can do that by changing the scale size to a minus value) for the background that doesn’t have the desk on it and you could have the characters switch layers depending on which “side” your perspective is from + which background.

If I send you the link for the story could you beta read it for me? This section I’m struggling with isn’t until chapter 4 though.

I can if you’re willing to wait because I urgently have to finish proofreading 2 other stories? :flushed:

Yeah sure, I can wait, its for the Double Life Contest anyway. BTW, tge first 3 chapters are complete, but I can’t guarantee anything after that will be :blush:

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