Help with placing character


How can I place a character between zones? like in the middle of zone 1 and 2?


I think you have to use spot directing.


You have to use spot directing in order to place your character between zones. I will briefly explain this and show you a couple of examples, but I recommend you read an episode guide or watch a tutorial on spot directing.

@CHARACTER spot x y z in zone z
That is the line of code you use to place your characters with spot direction.
You obviously replace ‘CHARACTER’ with your character.
Instead of adding x y z, add your position. If you don’t specify the zone it will automatically default to the first zone. Replace the z with your desired zone.

Here is an example of what it would look like:

If you’d like, you can copy my position.
I’m not sure of any simple ways like how you’d place a character in screen center or whatnot.