Help with planning an fantasy story ?!

i’ve been working on a fantasy story for 2 months now but recently i’ve tried to redo it change things around as i got more ideas coming in my head but i would for someone to brainstorm ideas with me … please let me know if yu are interested in it. it’s about werewolves , vampires , and other supernatural creatures and gods / goddess .

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bump !

Alright! So, what do you need help with? :thinking:

i’m looking for someone to help with my story with like ideas and plots and even dialogue. i want someone who’s interested in fantasy like werewolves and vampires and witches . no i’m not looking for someone i can pay because i write for fun and it’s just hobby . it would be fun to write with someone and help get ideas together . if y are interested just dm :black_heart::pleading_face:

Hey I would love to help if you are still looking for someone

I love fantasy and supernatural

And the only payment I need is maybe featured in the episodes as a character or at the beginning/ end of the chapter that I’ve helped with!