! Help With Plot Ideas Please!

So I know roughly what I want but need some help with the finer details.
I was thinking about doing a story about (5 …?) 19 - 20 year old criminals that have to work together and go undercover to protect someone (Lets call them Person A for now) and hunt down the people that want Person A dead. They soon become friends and once their mission is completed they will be released from prison.

Depending on how long that takes, I might make it so that one of them then gets kidnapped and the others try to save them with no help from the police and it leads to this big fight.But I’ll deal with this when I get that far.

I need help on:

  1. How many criminals should there be? I was thinking around 5 but what do you think?
  2. Why do people want Person A dead?
  3. Even though I roughly know what I want the characters to be like, any suggestions? (Like what they could be in prison for)
  4. Finally what do you think of my idea (I know it’s not great at the moment but I’ve never done this before)
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I have a couple ideas but first do you want Person A to be likable or unlikeable because my ideas sort of stem from the idea that Person A is a terrible person and that the criminals that work together are in some sort of a “suicide squad”

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I was thinking of Person A being unlikeable to make things more interesting

  1. Up to you. If you make the criminals outnumber the good guys, that would be interesting.
  2. Maybe Person A is the one who got them in prison or accused them falsely of crimes.
  3. Try to avoid the cliche gang leader kind of people. Don’t make them all act like sarcastic, cold, and crazy people who like to burn things up. Give them a good side, too. But not that kind of good side where they go soft for just ONE person.
  4. It sounds like a great story honestly. It seems interesting, and I would love to read it if you added plot twists, humor, drama, action, mystery, and adventure.
    Good luck writing it! :slight_smile: Have a good day.
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Thank you for the help! I know how much some people hate cliche stories so I was going to try and spice it up a bit, I honestly find it so weirdo when characters have a soft spot for only one person, it’s quite boring then :joy:

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For the criminals I think you should have like enough to keep it interesting but you don’t want to overwhelm yourself so its up to you!

I was thinking you could make Person A a really corrupt politician (or a police commisioner, gang leader, terrible CEO) that way there is a better link towards why they would use criminals as body guards.
And Person A could be taking bribes, ordering hits on others, working with gangs, etc.

And that would play a big role in why people would want Person A to die, I personally think it’s such a cool idea that Person A was the reason why the leader of a gang’s son died and the leader wants to avenge their kids death by killing Person A. But you could also make it so that multiple people could be trying to kill Person A (although this could be hard to keep track off).

for the criminals arrest records try to make it diverse but not cliche, one could be a serial bank robber with a knack for explosives and a soft side, another could be quiet psychopath, there could even be someone who got tossed in jail by accident and is real confused on why they got put into the group. Things like that and cliche isn’t bad as long as the story is written well. As long as you don’t try to romanticize killers you could totally do a character that carries out hits.

As for your story it sounds like a lot of fun I can’t wait for you to publish, I’m looking forwards to it!!!

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I- …
You’re literally my saviour, thank you so much!!!
I’ll make sure to shout you out at the start! :heart:

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awwww :yellow_heart:
thank you sm, and I wish you the best of luck writing!!

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