Help with plot ideas

Hi! I am currently writing my first story. I feel like I’ve got the whole writing thing but I think I need help to develop my plot. I already have some ideas but I feel like some of them are too plain and some of them are just beeing overly dramatic.

Idek if this is a thing that people do on the forums haha but I’d love to discuss my plot with someone, and get help with new ideas and plot twists. If you’d like to read my script and help me with my directing that’d be super cool too :grin:
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Okie, first of, wha’s the genre? :thinking:

Comedy/drama, maybe mystery haha? And of course there is romance involved but since it’s not the main goal of the story I wouldn’t call it a romance story

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I have an idea for the story do you want me to pm it to you

Yeah sure, the thing is tho that I already have an idea I just need help to further develop the plot. But if you want to help, sure PM me :smile:

What genre do you want to write?

Hi! I already have some ideas:

This is just a brief description of what I jag in mind, but since I find it quite ”plain” I’d you to help me to come up with more plot twist and further development.

So basically the mc, Devlyn, is half devil, half human. She is forced to attend higschool due to disobeying her father and breaking some rules in hell, and the son of the angel (Angelo) is going with her to teach her how to behave. The story is about Devlyn conquering everyday problems whilst trying to stay away from romantic interactions so she wont make the same mistake as her father. She’ll develope a great friendship with Angelo who will be by her side through everything, and they’ll learn a lot from each other. The main goal of story tho is Devlyn learning more about here mother and trying to understand her mother and her fathers past (what happened to them). Throughout Devlyns whole life her father has told her that her mother is dead, but later on in the story Devlyn realizes this is not true and she finns out her mother is one of the teachers at the school.

I realize that’s quite messy, hope you kinda understand?

I was thinking the first episode could end with Devlyn seeing the teacher that is her mother and her thinking ”why do i recognize this face?” with the explanation further on beeing her father blurring out or erasing both Devlyn and her mothers memories. Maybe the story could ve about her trying to remember also?

Haha it’s a mess, but thank you for waiting to help me!

No, I think its great! I definitely think you have a good plot twist going with her mom ending up to be one of her teachers. I like the idea of the first episode. Sometimes in movies they foreshadow something about the ending, but I later forget about it until the event actually happens. In your case, you would foreshadow something that makes the reader think “hmmm what could be the reason behind that” and then at the end of the story the reader thinks back and says. “Hey I remember that, it all makes sense!” I think those are great moments as a reader. In your story you could picture the dad to be a really trusting character, maybe even likeable for the readers. I think that would exaggerate the shock of him to have been lying to the man character. I think your plot is great though, and as you write, more ideas will definetly come to you. Goodluck!

Maybe I could do it the other way around, having the father act really mean but in reality he was just trying to protect his daughter? The first chapter is almost done now - in the beginning of the story they are fighting and that’s why he’s ”kicking her out” of hell. I thought that maybe later it could be revealed that he was sending her to high school on purpose so that she would meet her mother, and during the story maybe I could have sequences from hell with her father hinting about his plans?

Anyways, thank you for your time and your help. I think I’ll figure things out I think, but it’s always nice to get someone elses view on things!

Or hey, it would be even more of a plot twist if you st the beginning the father is evil and as story goes on the readers start building trust for the father since I’m hinting about him helping his daughter - and then in the end it could be revealed that he had hidden intentions to ruin his daughter. Hmmm it’s getting more and more complicated :sweat_smile: