Help with plot!

I’m currently revamping my story that I already published and I’m thinking of changing a lot of the plot. I already have an idea how the story is gonna go but I need more of an idea of what each episode is gonna be about. It’s a fantasy! Please pm me if you’re interested! I will send you the details.


I’m not sure I’ll be of much use since I’m a new author, but I guess I can give you ideas!

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Hmm, alot of episode readers such as me like the normal plots of romance and schools etc. Maybe incorporate school or something like that into it. Maybe even give it a twist of events at the end which is always a dandy way to end! To help with your specific question maybe make it three friends who realize they have powers. They each try to figure them out and maybe the twist is one of the friends turns bad on them because of thirst of power. From writer to writer we have to think outside of the box and from different points of views to change your plot. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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