Help with POC! Need Opinions!

Hello everyone…I have decided to write my own story! I think it is going to be about an a online relationship…if that makes sense :woman_shrugging:

I know that including POC in a story is a big deal…and I would like to include them in my story! The two main characters will both be white just because I am kinda basing them off of my looks!

I don’t know where to include the POC characters without someone complaining about how I incorporated them!

Does anyone have any ideas of what roles POC could play in my story?


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You can incorporate them as the main supporting characters. I heard some complaints about POC characters are incorporated as background characters or that they are being incorporated as the supporting antagonist.

First of all “what roles could poc play?” … really?
why are you acting like adding people of color to your story is some sort of experiment?

We don’t play roles for being a person of color because this isn’t a choice nor a profession. Unless you’re insinuating our purpose is labor and if you are…

Can you elaborate what you mean with that question?


Just don’t. If you have to ask how you can incorporate human beings into a story about human beings, then incorporating POC isn’t for you.


You clearly only wanna add them so people won’t complain which is sick. I’m tired of people acting like it’s so hard to have a person of color and thinking that our existence is some second thought. Like you clearly have. I’m gonna be honest the wording of this post is kinda gross.

You create them just as you would any other white character hat you didn’t have to ask how to create


Examine your reasons for doing so. If it’s just because you think it will make people like your story more, please don’t bother. People will notice when they’re being exploited by an author for reads. A better reason for diversity is because it’s realistic or the story deals with issues relevant to POC. If you do include POC, you can just include them like any other person. It’s not as hard as you’re making it out to be and there are resources for writing POC everywhere on the Internet.

Also, why do you want to base both main characters in a romance on your own appearance? Not only is it kind of boring and a bad road to go down if you want character development, but they’re going to end up looking like siblings, which is… not great if they’re going to be in a relationship with each other.


@Jeremy could you please close this thread

I was not at all trying to be offensive I just wanted some advice!

If I offended anyone feel free to pm me.


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