Help With Point System? pweaseee 🙃

So for my story I need the “Point System” for my MC when she makes choices that has something to do with the LI and if they don’t make the right choice or whatever they don’t get the points.

I also need help with how to keep track of the points like at the end of my episode I want to tell the reader how many points s/he has with the LI.

Also how do I do the “Checking To See If You Have Enough Point For This Art Scene Or Outfit Or Choice”

I really do hope this makes sense and I hope someone would be willing to help me!!
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You can find answers to all your questions here.

In short:

  • Assigning points based on a choice:

    “Right choice” {
    @LI +1
    } “Wrong choice” {
    #you simply don’t assign points

Instead of LI you need to write your character’s name.

  • Different outcomes based on points (example; there are many ways to do this so please read the link):

    if (LI > 0) {
    I love you!
    } else {
    We’re just friends.

  • Keeping track of the points:
    You will have to do an if/elif/else sequence for every point. For example:

    if (LI = 0) {
    You have 0 points.
    } elif (LI = 1) {
    You have 1 point.
    } etc.

Instead of using NARRATOR, you can show points within a readerMessage. The code structure is the same (you’ll have to do it for each point separately). This can be useful when calculating points for an art scene.

For example:
readerMessage You have enough points to see the art scene!
} else {
readerMessage Sorry, you don’t have enough points to see the art scene.

If there’s still something unclear, DM me and I’ll try to help. Good luck!


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