Help with Points?!?!?

Hey, I’m writing a story and I don’t know how to display characters points. Like each choice would give a certain amount of points to each character and I want to display the number of points each character has at the end of the story. Does anyone know how to do that?

The Points System hope this helps

Do you mean the pop up thing? Because that’s a reader message and this is what it looks like:

readerMessage +2 to xxx CHAR

But instead of “+2 xxx CHAR” you can put whatever you would like

Thats helpful and thank you so much but i’m thinking sort of like to see how many points they have for each character to let them know where they stand

ikr i’ve asked that question but no-one has answered,

yeah ive experimented around with the code to see if i could figure it out the only way i know is alot of code and sort of guess how many points they have with if/else statements. can you let me know if you find out and ill do the same?

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