Help with pool sos pls

How can I put people in pool like this photo?

you’ll need an overlay for the water

Okay thanks


I don’t have this background, but I have the overlays and a script for this background:

It would like that then:

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So I need to take what have and save it again as overlay?

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You need the water as an overlay

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Okay I know how to do that i think.


You would need a water overlay

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When i get some like pool?

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I use and eraser app from.the play store

Take a picture of the background

Then make a overlay of the water


I’ll try that thanks

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Np! and if you need help please ask

If you can I’ll love this water on the background you have I use him too

What? :thinking:

This one:

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I don’t mean to interfere, but I would have already done the overlays for this background


I’m using this background in my own story and for that I needed them.

You just have to upload them in the same size as they are. If you add person in the water the characters must behind both overlays.

Yeah thank you so much hon. :slight_smile:

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