Help with Prop AND Narrator Bubble Positioning

I have two small issues with my story right now!

1.) So I just had a Japanese rice ball prop approved by Episode, but I can’t get it into my character’s hand for some reason. When I type:

@add Overlay Onigiri to ARIA

It just says there is an error. Can someone help me figure this out?

2.) I am trying to enlarge and move my Narrator speech bubble, but when I follow the format I’ve used for talking speech bubbles, it tells me there’s a problem. The helper says it needs to have the ‘tail’ part in the directing, but Narrator bubbles don’t have that. Here’s what I put:

@speechbubble is 157 296 at 113%

    Are you ready!?

@speechbubble reset

But that’s not right. I’m probably just really dumb and missing the obvious fix, but I’d appreciate any and all help! Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

hi! i can try to help you! so for the overlay i would put @add (the name of overlay) to ARIA at the top of the scene,

example (i’m just making this up)
@cut to zone 1 AND zoom rest
@add (the name of overlay) to ARIA
@ARIA stands screen center in zone 1
@ARIA faces right

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I did try that, but it’s saying the prop doesn’t exist ‘for the specific character’, even though Episode emailed be their approval and I saved and refreshed the page before even attempting to use it. :frowning_face:

  1. You can not add overlay like props.
  2. Use @speechbubble 0 0 to x%
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for the second one type

Are you ready?!

Go to the side of your computer or laptop screen & click “directing help “ then click bubble helper then you can click switch tool: scale or move (it’ll move the narrative speechbubble ) then you can copy & paste whatever it says at the bottom (speechbubble is 160 237 to 100%)

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tail top is this for an example @speechbubble is 157 296 at 113% with tail_top_right or left

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1.) We can’t add props anymore? Sorry, I’m just trying to understand. I accidentally named my new prop ‘Overlay Onigiri’, so that’s what it is listed as in my personal overlays.

2.) THANK YOU! I knew I was screwing up one tiny thing :sweat_smile:

sorry that’s for a prop. for an overlay you’ll have to put INT. BLACK - DAY with BROWN CAR (example)

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You can add props. But you can’t use OVERLAY as a prop.

Awesome, thanks so much :blush:

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So should I just rename it then? Like, resubmit it with a new title?

no that is not how it works we can not not add or own props. only overlays .

You CAN NOT add your own props.
Props and overlay are different stories. So the comment @add… will never work with overlay you added.

Oh okay, thank you.

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