Help with published story


Hi Guys, I’ve published my first story here on Episode today. So now I wanted to know how I can hide the debug elements of HUD in my story, so that no-one except for me will be able to see that?




No one can​:upside_down_face: you are the only who will see it , not other :grin:


OMG what?! You serious ? I feel so incredible stupid right now :see_no_evil::woman_facepalming:t4:


Lol, it’s okay🙃 I was worried about that too when I was going to publish mine . And all the best for your story :wink:


Thank you :kissing_heart:


What’s the name of your story?


Out of the…box?!


Okey cool thank you I’ll read it if I’ve time


Aww… that’s cute , but ma story can wait , focus on your :hugs:


Thank you I will :kissing_heart:


Always CD🤗