Help With Rejected Image?

Okay, I didn’t really know where to put this one but I didn’t feel that it was miscellaneous.
This overlay got rejected and I think it’s because of the barcode, but if it isn’t, it’d be helpful for someone to point out the flaw. Anyway, I NEED the barcode in there, so like idk how i’d get around that since i don’t know how i’d find a “copyright free” barcode image considering that was just a random barcode i found on the internet anyways.


You could as someone to make one for you? Because simply looking that barcode on some websites might let them see where its from. Then there’s copyright issues.

I’m pretty sure it’s not the barcode but it’s the website written on it

No, because I the website is text I put on it specifically for the story lol

If its a fake website then submit a ticket explaining that and maybe they’ll approve it :slight_smile:


Where did you find the image?

This will indeed help you get it approved. One of my backgrounds was unrightfully rejected and got approved one day after filling a ticket.

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