Help ! with remembering choices

Hello everyone! Hope all is well.

I’m having a problem with remembering choices.
I used the if/elif/else and my script doesn’t have any errors. But when I try it out what ever choice I choose I always end up with my last choice.

Can anyone send me a message if you think you can help me. I will send pictures of my script so you can see what i did wrong.

Thank you❤️

Hello there, I’d love to help :wave: I’ll PM you if anyone hasn’t yet? :sparkling_heart:

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This will always happen unless you start previewing your script before/at the choice you want to remember. So for example if you’re remembering a choice from a previous episode, when you preview the current episode you’ll end up seeing the “else” option.

if the if/elif/else is in another chapter - portal doesn’t remember the choice from the previous chapter - in portal open in preview - story modifiers/flags - a choice some of the flags used in the if/elif/else to simulate the remembered choice - this way you can test it in the portal.

Or play it in the app - the app does remember choices from the previous chapter.

If it will even with this testing not work most likely there is something wrong with the conditions - for this, I would need to see both the choice and the if/elif/else

Thank you for all your messages ! It’s finally working now!!! Thank you :white_heart:

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