Help with Remembering Past Choices (URGENT!)

I’m coding it right now and I’m almost done.

finger crossed that it will work. :blush:

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I guess it worked.
But there’s other problems as well.


And as for the customization I want to separate the characters as well, for example if the reader chooses Elin: The customization of Elin will appear separated and the story with her will start (same for Muriel), but in this case, everything was going well, until the customization, on the preview to try out I choose Elin and it appeared the customization of her, but then Muriel was already on the scene (for the choosing),but after choosing Elin, it was supposed to start her story but Muriel appeared for the customization.

I’m sorry if my explanation is so confusing. I’ll show you the screenshot.

So here they appear together for the choosing, right?


So I want them to be at different scenes for the cc and then start the story with whoever the reader chose.

And there’s this problem besides the warnings that " episode pointed out"


I need to see the code I know what the problem might be but there can be more reasons. and it’s difficult to describe it all.

So generally - either you spot both of them or you have an animation for both of them instead of just for one , or you forgot some label/goto so it jumped from one CC to the other instead to go to the story atc…as I say there can be more reasons for this.

Can you copy here your script from the start where you choose the character till the CC?

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Do you want me to send as an e-mail? I can copy the script and paste it on word.

copy it ot my DM if it fits there if not we can make it via email .:slight_smile:

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Ok! :blush:

I’m afraid I can not send it to your DM but I guess I can via e-mail. Could you tell me your e-mail, please?

Nevermind, I got your e-mail from the last problem you solved! :blush:
Already sent it :hugs:

No problem!

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