Help with scene. mean girl

I just cannot write mean people, please help. I just can’t make this scene work

ELIZA (eyeroll)
Seriously Walter

WADE (talk_exhausted)

Wade, call me Wade

ELIZA (talk_angry_arms_crossed)

It is a stupid nickname and I am not gonna use it

WADE (idle_exhausted)

(somebody please put me out of my misery )

Eliza, there are people here. could you not act up

Excuse me i act however i want

Idk if this would be helpful, but maybe have the person insult what is special to others

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ELIZA (talk_angry_arms_crossed)
You will always be little Walter to me

ELIZA (talk_think)
I can’t figure out who is worst. You or Lorato Jr

ELIZA (talk_explain_neatural)
Who am I kidding? You both are obsessed with me

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i .like that added line. but i dont think it will fit cause she they all hate each other

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I know, I was trying to make her sound sarcastic lol

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