Help with Script : ERROR Block Ending


This is the script I have…It says there is an error with block ending and I don’t know what Is wrong. So that is a choice within a choice so idk if that is the problem-


Hmm. :thinking: It looks like you need to put the word “choice” above “Run back into the house” and remove the bracket beside it.
Try removing the bracket beside the “I guess it can wait…” choice, too.


I think you need to add something (#beat ends etc.) After 253 line where you have background


I don’t think that it’s that. That choice is the second choice option so there wouldn’t be the word “choice” in front of it. Tysm though!


Let me try that, I think that might be it because It was working before I put the black background in! Thankyou!


Hope it works :hugs: fingers crossed


oops lol i figured it was the second option! sorry :smile:


I haven’t worked with beat endings. What should I write?
Like should I put @beat ends or ?


Its fine! You wouldn’t have know because the top half of the script is hidden


Yes try everything :wink: , I also try anything and I means literally anything :joy:


It worked! But I just put @pause for a beat because there wasn’t any @end beat scripts :smiley: Tysm!!!


you figured out yourself :wink: I was just to show where to focus (I literally wanted to use this dialogue :joy:,lol) but don’t need to thank , feel free to ask whenever you have question/s​:wink:


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