Help with script warning

This is my script but i don’t see anything wrong with it but it has a warning saying “use @character walks to x y z in s”

INT. LUCYS BEDROOM - DAY with CUTE BEDROOM BLANKET DAY to 1.089 -35 -16 in zone 1 at layer 2

@LUCY spot 0.751 161 146 in zone 2 AND LUCY is sleep_sitting AND LUCY moves to layer 1

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I get that warning too! I just ignore it, unless when I preview it the code doesn’t look right

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Sleep_sitting isn’t a full animation is it? :thinking:

It’s an INK animation.

Just tested your coding, not getting any warnings. Can you please post a screenshot of your script?

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Oh nvm I figured it out lol

When using the GIF animation as an overlay Is it good to repeat it thrice to express the animation longer?
cause it appears on script error that I’m repeating the same animation and I’m using too many overlays but when I preview. It was working it’s just the script error keeps on appearing.

Anyone can answer pls?

There is no general rule for how long the gif should be animated its up to you what you want to have in your story.

Here you have tutorial for looping gif so it can repeat as loong as you decide to make another scene

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