Help with script

Can anyone figure out why I have an error here?

@follow LILLIAN to zone 2 screen center

It should be:

@follow LILLIAN to screen center in zone 2

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Thank you!

How do I add a pizza prop in my episode story for like when he or she is ready to eat?

Ink or Limelight?


Just write:

@CHAR is eat_pizza

There’s a built in prop to the behavior

I saw where Dara Amarie has a script template for choosing/customizing your character from female to male from the first episode unto every episode after the first. Can this work for me when I go to write my story that I’m doing? Also, can I use this code every time for every story?

Yes the code works for all stories and episodes.

So, if me or the reader were to customized their character in episode one, this code will keep my customized character forever?

Yes if you’re using the customization template. Characters will stay in outfits or appearance changes until you enter in another code to change it.

How do I get a crowd of people on screen without having to place one character then having to individually enter more in the scene? Gah I feel like that doesn’t make sense… do you get it?

You can add characters by just standing them there.

For example

&CHAR stands screen center in zone 1

Ik but…okay so here’s what I mean… I want a few people to be standing in an area before my main character comes… do they need to file in one by one? Or can they just all be standing there before?

If you use the &CHAR stands __________
Then the CHARs won’t enter, they’ll just be standing there when you’re MC enters. Try it.

Also, if it helps Epsiode has created templates to fill up a room without you having to add a bunch of CHARs yourself. If you’re interested, I can talk a little bit about that.

But if you already have the set up in mind, than just use use the advice above.

Um… it’s &? Not @?

Well you can use @ too

But the difference is that with @ , depending on how you use it, will possibly have CHARs popping up instead of all standing there at the same time.
Using & will avoid that

Oh ok

What kind of code would I need to use after the reader selects if the gender is male or female? Do I just put if the gender is male or female to type in avatar male or avatar female enters from left to screen center and then they show up already customized? I’m new to Episode so I’m taking my time learn everything that I need to know for when I write my story.

So you want the reader to be able to choose their CHAR’s gender?