Help with shooting range scene script

Hi everyone!
I was wondering if any of you kind folks will help me with a shooting scene where the MC is in a concealed location and adjusts his aim on his target? whether by making a template for me or simply by teaching me how to do the complex scene? Either one would be highly appreciated! Thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(also: I don’t mind specifying it in greater detail and don’t worry I have the overlays for the scene and currently finding some backgrounds as well! :smile:)

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You could show the MC behind some bushes or a wall or something, then zoom up on the person intended to be shot at like the MC is looking through something. Then maybe have the MC say, “Got him/her” then have an overlay move around the person until it is in the right location, and then cut back to the MC in the concealed location and then cut to the gun and have it shoot and then cut back to the person falling or something.

SO (I’m just kinda guessing here lol):

Mc stands somewhere in the secret location with gun pointed outwards. You can like zoom up on the gun or the MC it doesn’t really matter.

This is where the target is and you can zoom up on him/her. Then you use an overlay (maybe a bullet- to show that they are going to do it) and move it around them until reaching the “right spot”

The MC has decided and then you zoom up on their gun and then they shoot.

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I suggest you zoom up on the Mc & and move zoom over to gun and shoot it

Or you could zoom in on the gun and when the Mc shoots the gun you could show a bullet (overlay) coming out the gun

Hopefully that makes sense lol

Hi I would like to help, believing I am pretty good in coding. But honestly I am not sure if I understand what you need exactly.

Are we talking about limb animation?

yes. I also need help with the making the target overlay have an animating effect (If that makes sense?) where it moves? The coding got me frustrated.


I can pm you to clarify it better if you’d like?

Yes. You can PM me. Tell me how exactly the scene should look like.

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