Help with sitting direction and panning scene

hey guys i need help with this scene but i don’t know how to make it work i basically need my character to walk upscreen and sit down in the chair so far i have her walking upscreen but can’t make her sit this is how my script looks

@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.942 134 156 in zone 1 in 2
@CHARACTER sits spot 1.280 111 6 in zone 1
music door_knock
@pause for a beat
music door_creak
@pause for 1

this scene does not work and brings up invalid directing command

I also have a seperate scene where i need the camera to pan to a character Renee as they are walking away but then they stop to get startled and walk back the way they came but when i do the script it pans to scene and the character stands there then gets startled then walks back to their spot ?? not sure how to fix this i wanted the scenee to pan on them as they were walking and then shows them startled this is what i have so far

@RENEE exits right
@speechbubble is 106 291 to 84% with tail_top_left

&LISA is think_rubchin
@pause for 1
LISA (callout_neutral)

@RENEE spot 1.280 180 1 in zone 2 AND RENEE faces right AND RENEE does it while walk_worried_loop THEN RENEE walks to spot 1.280 219 10 in zone 2 in 2
@pan to zone 2 in 1
&RENEE is react_startled_embarrassed AND RENEE faces left
@pause for 2
&LISA is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop
&RENEE walks to spot 1.280 245 -4 in zone 1 in 3 AND RENEE does it while walk_neutral
@pan to zone 1 in 3
@pause for a beat

if anybody could help with these errors that would be so great and i would be so appreciative

This command is not valid, it would be
@CHARACTER spot 1.280 111 6 in zone 1 AND CHARACTER starts idle_sit_armscrossed_unimpressed_loop

(The idle_sit_armscrossed_unimpressed_loop is one of the sitting animations, this of course can be changed to whatever you’d like)

And I’m not really understanding what the issue is with the second, is it that the screen is not panning with her?

If this is the case then add the pan above the character walking line and use & instead of @ so it happens at the same time.

If that’s not what you meant, then can you try to describe it in a different way what’s wrong?:sweat_smile:

Thank you so much for replying to me i actually just used your advice for the sitting command and it worked!! i’m so appreciative :slight_smile: and as far as the panning scene when renee exits right LISA calls out to her to basically come back so i wanted the scene to pan onto renee and show her basically walking away and as she’s walking she is startled by lisa calling out to her and turns around to walk back to LISA but when the screen is panning to renee before she walks back to lisa it dosen’t show renee walking ? if that makes sense like it shows how renee is standing paused and then she gets startled and then she walks back to lisa

Okay I think I understand a little better, if I am understanding correctly then it’s because you had Renee exit…when a character exits they’re no long on screen and will continue to walk until they go off screen…I would suggest spot directing a specific spot you want her to stop at and jave her walk there then she can be startled…if that makes any sense

okay thank you i will try that!