Help with size error

when my child character leaves he grows in size

Script excert:
@JAMES spot 0.720 236 152 (his intended height)

@JAMES is idle_lay_awake_neutral_loop

@zoom reset

@FERGUS walks to spot 1.280 64 40 AND FERGUS is walk_neutral_offset_loop

@FERGUS faces right

@JAMES is standup_neutral

@pause for a beat

@JAMES is idle_terrified_loop

@pause for a beat

    JAMES (talk_deny_neutral)
Are do hate M-m-

    FERGUS (talk_exhausted)
Just go and get your shoes. 

@zoom on FERGUS to 300% in 1

@pause for a beat

      FERGUS (idle_sad_serious_loop)

(I need to be firm with him. Otherwise , he will never improve as a person)

    FERGUS (idle_baby_worried_loop) 

@zoom reset

@pause for 2

    FERGUS (talk_argue_angry)
   NOW James! Do 'yer dinger.

@JAMES exits right AND JAMES is run_cry_embarrassed_loop

when using exiting commands all the characters return to the default size, you need to spot direct him off screen with the right size and make him walk there