Help with some of my "mean girl" characters

Hey, I need a little help I have 3 female characters who are the typical “mean girls” characters. how would they interact and talk to each other and others? In my story, they are mainly shown as their grown-up selves as well as some flashback as their teenage selves. Any help is well appreciated!


They’d talk to each other nicely sometimes but since they’re mean girls I can imagine them being rude to each other as well, I hope this helps!

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Typically, I’d probably write them as quite gossipy and quite curt with the people around them. I would probably say that they talk to each other about other people quite nastily but would perhaps gossip about each other too behind their backs. What I find generally though is that “mean” girls don’t realise that they’re being mean and get defensive really quickly. That also means that they can be quite sly with their insults and try to make out that the MC is misinterpreting what they’re saying (gaslighting them essentially), hope this is helpful and best of luck with writing! :purple_heart:


Thank you both this helps a lot!

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Hey! I have a few ideas :blush:

I think that more often than not, a lot of writers / authors tend to make the mean girls really boring. They’re always superficial and never have any backstory and it’s almost like their lives revolve around the MC because all they do all the time is bully the MC.

So here are some suggestions from me:

  • Make the mean girls a trio (I know it’s a trope, but I think it’s iconic and so cool)
  • Give them each a back story, struggles, good & bad attributes (not just all bad)
  • Maybe all 3 can be leaders? Not only 1 girl needs to be the leader (that could be a good cause for friction between the girls)
  • I don’t think any of them should be “dumb blondes”, give them each a unique motivation for why they’re mean girls & why they’re doing it together

I can’t really think of anything else :3 But I think that if you make the audience feel conflicted about them, that would be really interesting writing. The audience / readers should be on an emotional roller-coaster. Sometimes we hate the girls, sometimes we feel bad for them, sometimes we’re rooting for their downfall, other times we’re rooting for their redemption.

Have the readers decide according to their own morality what they think of the trio. I think that would really hook people :blob_hearts:


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