Help with some story ideas!

Okay, so I’ve decided to write a prologue story to an idea I had before. It shows some of the stuff that happens when my characters were teens and about to go off to college/do something after school/make plans. I just don’t know how to go about making it all happen.

There is a sort of mild love triangle in my story. It’s not spoke of between the characters and one of them doesn’t even believe there is anything there.

My MC is sort of the talk of the town, she lives in a small town and just about everyone expects her to do something with her life. So she’s always felt the need to aim high and make sure she impresses her family.

Some of the characters:
Camille - the best friend of MC, she backs her in everything and basically part of the family. She hangs around MC’s home a lot and practically has a seat at their dinner table. When she and MC’s cousin get together with MC there is a lot of chaos and bad decisions that follow.

Sienna - the friend of a friend that thinks MC doesn’t like her, but that’s just because of all the stress MC is under. Sienna is a very nice and sweet girl, she has a bad side too but it mostly comes out when she is underestimated and pushed.

Emmeline - The wild cousin. She is the life of every party, very confident and outspoken, she talks her friends and cousins into doing the craziest things. She is the only child of MC’s aunt and often spends lots of time with her cousins.

Johnny - childhood friend of MC, they’ve been side by side in everything. He’s the child of a single parent, big brother of a little sister, and football star in their high school.

Veronica - The cool aunt, she helps her sister (MC’s mom) take care of the kids after their dad left them. She works as a nurse and is getting married to a guy she’s been witch since high school. Everyone idolizes them and their relationship.

Breyana - the older sister of MC, she’s starting a teaching job at the elementary school. Has always been the role model for her little sisters, protector, defender. Her family always has to remind her to focus on herself for once. But she feels like she has to do these things.

Unnamed Character (can’t decide on a name for him) - he’s a good friend of MC’s, a troublemaker, her family isn’t fond of him, he has the secret crush on MC (but he doesn’t even admit it to himself). He does have a softer side when it comes to his sister, mother, and MC.

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Perhaps you could do a flashback of a graduation party where the reader is introduced to the MC’s friends and family.

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