Help with sound name

Does anyone know the sound that sounds like a balloon loosening? It is normally used with the react_sit_confused in a funny manner. And I see it in every story.

Please do not refer me to the sounds. Believe me I’ve tried (Well I think I’ve tried) to look for it.

Any help is appreciated and thanks!

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Any of these?

  • sadtrombone
  • trombonedetune
  • record_scratch_stop

Oh, thank you! It’s the last one. :smile: :smile:

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No problem :blush: Are you in for a R4R? :blossom:

hey! im new and can’t find where to post but could you help? the sound won’t play in the preview of my story. Will it play when the story has been posted? There is no errors so it should be working fine and surely i should hear it?

There can be several reasons for that:

  • sound is overlapping with another sound playing shortly before/after
  • you put “sound off” or “music off” somewhere before the sound
  • you put “volume music 0” or “volume sound 0” somewhere before the sound

If that’s not the case – try refreshing the portal or testing the story on your device :slight_smile:

hey! i checked it out on mobile and sound works, thanks v much

Oh sorry, I have no story out yet. But I’ll be glad to read some of yours.
The title of the story?

And sorry for the late reply, I haven’t been on the forums :slight_smile:

Oh okay :smile: You don’t have to though, I just wanted to connect :slight_smile: But if you want to, my stories are “Lost Half” and “Better Off Gone”.

Sure, i’ll give one of them a read.

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