Help with sounds please?


I’m adding sounds to my story for the first time and I’m struggling to stop the music from overlapping.

This is my script trying to fade out one sound and fade in another

@pause for 1.5
volume sound 0 5000
@pause for 1.5
sound off
@pause for 0
sound music_sadpianoprogression
volume sound 100 5000

Any help would be amazing!

Thanks xx

What is your previous code line?
If you have something like “music music_xyz” then you can only stop it by “music off”.

Sound and music are different things, you can play them together and if you want to turn them off, you have to use different codes

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Foe saunds there are 2comands

sound… Plays only one time

music… Plays in loop

If you uae command music
Volume command is volume music 0 0
Tu turn off… music off

For commans sound:

volume sound 0 0
sound off

!!! Important if you create souds with command music it will not react on volume sound and vice versa,

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Thank you both! I will give these a try❤️

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