Help with speech bubbles!

Okay, major dilemma here. Episode normally generates where the speech bubble tail needs to be based on where that person is. But, something has changed and now it doesn’t change at all nomatter who’s talking or where they are. The only solution i can find is to write the directions in of where the speech bubble needs to go EACH TIME A DIFFERENT PERSON TALKS. I’ve never had to do this before and this would be a HUGE set back and a major pain! Please help!!!

Did you have a command to set the speech bubbles to a specific location at some point in your script? If so, did you reset the position with @speechbubble reset?

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@speechbubble reset
@speechbubble is 124 367 to 100% with_tail_right
Have you tried that?

Yes i did set one command about the speech bubble and from then on, it wouldn’t automatically go to the right place… so after than one particular demand i need to put @speechbubble reset?

Oh! I tried it and it worked! Thank you so so much, you’re a life saver!!

Glad you figured it out! :blush:

Yup, once you set one speech bubble you have to reset to get them back to normal.

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