Help with Spot Directing/ Characters Appear late

In my story I’m including spot directing but when previewed the characters pop up in there spots while the scene is presented. I want them to be there before the scene is shown, not after a few seconds. Anyone know how to fix it?

This is my script as of this moment:

Chapter 1 -

@transition fade out


@ELENA spot 0.668 35 223 in zone 1 and ELENA faces right and ELENA is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop

@LUKA spot 1.037 198 65 in zone 1 and LUKA faces right and LUKA is talk_neutral

@LEON spot 0.686 92 227 in zone 1 and LEON faces left and LEON is talk_phone_happy_loop

@NASSIM spot 1.109 299 29 in zone 1 and NASSIM faces left and NASSIM is talk_handsopen_happy_loop

@transition fade in black

@pan to zone 2

@ROSE spot 0.677 167 229 in zone 2 and ROSE faces right and ROSE is idle_book_closed_neutral_loop

@MIA spot 0.704 253 216 in zone 2 and MIA faces left and MIA is talk_excited_happy

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You have to write it like @ELENA spot 0.668 35 223 in zone 1 AND LUKA spot 1.037 198 65 in zone 1 AND…and keep going like that.
Then you have to write which way they face on a different line like @ELENA faces right AND LUKA faces right AND LEON faces left… and keep going like that.

You change @ to &
The & makes them already in scene at the beginning. The @ is for after they are in scene.

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Thank you!

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Thank you! Just fixed it.

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Hey! I’m from the future!

So I have this problem too and @& does not work for me… They still show up a few seconds after the scene and I’m wondering if anyone can check my script? My first story so I’m still trying to learn.

The & should work and make your character stand in the scene already, can I see your script?

Hey, I figured out the problem. You can’t use the & with @pan code, only if you use @cut.
Which is a real shame cause It would’ve looked so good but oh well, maybe they can add it in the future.

You can use & with pan


Are you kidding me?! Why doesn’t work for me then?? It only works for CUT but refuses with & :triumph:

May I see your script? it should work :sweat_smile:

Sure sorry!

@pan to zone 3

&SILVANA spot 0.569 135 301 in zone 3 AND SILVANA is idle_sit_sad_loop

Here is one where it doesn’t work, just wrote it 5 sec ago

Try this instead:

&SILVANA spot 0.569 135 301 in zone 3 AND SILVANA is idle_sit_sad_loop
@pan to zone 3

OMG IT WORKED! :face_holding_back_tears: :sob:

You have to use the @pan after instead of before, damn I’ve tried to solve this for days! :heart: :heart:
Really thank you so much!!

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You’re welcome, and yes that’s the reason why your character would “pop” up after the pan because you had it pan to the zone first. :slightly_smiling_face:

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