Help with spot directing, please!

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I am writing my first story, and I am having some trouble with spot directing. When my story begins, a husband and wife are sleeping in bed. I have a bed background, and I want my characters to put their heads on the pillow. However, when I try to do that, they either stay at ground level, or I find a way to “lead” them there, but then they are awake. Here’s what I mean:

A: @zoom on 7 568 to 268% in 0

&ARJUN spot 1.280 -7 162 in zone 1
&ARJUN moves to layer 5
&ARJUN stands screen left
&ARJUN faces right
&ARJUN is sleep_sitting

@pause for a beat

&KAYLEE spot 1.280 295 159 in zone 1
&KAYLEE moves to layer 5
&KAYLEE stands screen right
&KAYLEE faces left
&KAYLEE is sleep_sitting


@zoom on 7 568 to 268% in 0

&ARJUN walks to spot 1.280 -7 162 in 0.0 AND ARJUN does it while sleep_sitting AND ARJUN faces right

@pause for 2

&KAYLEE walks to spot 1.280 295 159 in 0.0 AND KAYLEE does it while sleep_sitting AND KAYLEE faces left

Can anyone help me with the spot directing and coding, please? Thank you all so much!

First of all delete these lines because they will automatically change your character’s place

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Okay, thank you so much! What next?

Edit: never mind, I got it! Thank you so much!

What does A and B mean?

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A and B meant the different script commands I tried, but did not work. However, now this issue has been resolved thanks to @epi4em!

Okay, glad it’s fixed now :heartpulse:

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Thank you! Me too :heartpulse:

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