Help! with spot directing

Okay so I’m writing a story, and Im trying to figure out how to make a character slide??? . for example , the main character is walking too class while the camera is zoomed in on her walking, but then suddenly she feels someone grab her arm, and pull her back but like without showing who grabbed her … idk if you can even do that in episode, but if you can, someone help me please, and show me how to do it!

Thank you.


You can have her walking while startled_surprise like this:

@CHAR walks to spot 1.28 -50 0 in zone 1 AND CHAR faces right AND CHAR does it while startled_surprised

This example works if the character is walking from left to the right side of the screen then someone grabs her and she slides facing the direction she was going.

if it’s LL, try this animation: react_startled_surprised


This is something that I used… See if it helps you or not…