Help with spot directing


Please can someone help me I AM DYING :triumph:.
The spot directing never stays :cry: I’ve tried everything I can.
Spot on my phone
On laptop
On episode
Aghhhhhhhhhhh please help

Also who knows how to delete chapters?


What does it say?


If you have saved a chapter you cannot delete it. If it is the end of a story just warn readers not to waste tickets on the episode before the last one you don’t want.


It doesn’t actually say anything like I doesn’t put in the right code just does spot correctly like I never put a spot on it


Can you show me the donacode you used that isn’t working?


@SEOL spot 467.blah blah …


Your command is wrong…


Seriously :worried:
What is the right one


@CHAR spot S X Y in second

As in you have to write it like this-

@SOEL spot (0 or 1).467 blah blah

You can have more bigger value then zero and one… as well but it will look very tall


Oh I know about the 0.something
The 4 thingie was an example


But you have written it like this…
Can you show us the actual code instead of an example…