Help with spot helper

I’m writing my first ever story on the updated version of writers portal for mobile and how do I use spot helper? :joy: I’ve tried dragging my finger about on the preview screen but nothing is happening, my character just keeps standing in the same spot, same size, carrying on with her angry phone call, completely oblivious to the fact that I’m furiously stabbing at my phone screen :joy: I have an android phone too if that helps

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too make more easier, i think u need to use laptop/computer lol, i haven’t tried ddoing that on my phone because its going to be tricky and hard cause u gotta zoom and move around then next thing u know its stressful n made a mistake XDDD

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I just got frustrated with making mistakes with other coding and then having to keep going back to the guide to re look at the coding that I’d messed up so I’ve just decided to use spotlight for now because I just wanted to get on with writing my story :joy: I’ve found it’s an easier and less stressful way to create a story when using my phone :joy:

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lol, cool.

I’m not familiar with this new “Writers portal for mobile” I thought they removed it, But I don’t think you can spot. But the only ways stories are mostly made are on desktops/laptops, If you want help with scripting a story you can ask me any time!