Help with spot walking

Hello to anyone reading,
I’ve followed a guide i found on here on how to make my character move to a specific spot while also in a specific size…(does that make sense lol…), but it doesn’t seem to work…
I’ve also included a picture:

If you do help me, thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

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it will use spot directing…

@Mum walks to spot— in zone 2 in T AND does it while walk_box_neutral_loop

T is time
And u can find character position, by placing that character whereber u want and scaling it acc. To whatever size u want

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@MUM walks from left to screen left
&MUM walks to (spot) and MUM is (animation)

This is how I do @UniqueEpisoder1 Hope it helped.

Thank you @Devil_Herself a.write & @author_blue_moon it worked and i really appreciate it :smile: