Help with spots please!

Hey there! So I’m a pretty new Episode writer (I have published stories with VERY basic coding and I’m currently trying to write a better quality, more complex story). I want to put 4 or 5 characters in one scene without overlapping each other completely (which is, of course, what happens when you put more than one character to screen left, screen center, etc). I’ve learned that I’m supposed to use “@CHARACTER to spot [whatever]” but I have no idea how to write spots. How do you know what numbers (etc) to put in? Someone help please!

From spot directing, you can adjust the scale of the character. Refer here

Thank you!!

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So I have an issue - I have coded the characters to walk to the spots, but they enter from the lower corners and walk at a diagonal towards the back where they’re supposed to be. Is there any way to make them enter from beside where they’re supposed to be? I’m not sure if this explanation made sense but here’s pictures for context:

Can you send a pic from your script?

Say @CHARCTER enters from spot to spot

When you have place the spot where you want them to be standing, drag them offscreen to where they are suppose to enter, then copy the coordinate.
Make sure their y coordinates are the same.

I also tried putting "@BRIAR enters from left to spot x " and it said it was invalid.

Dont put the zone in when you put enters from to spot to where ever its going

How would the code look for that? Just “@CHARACTER enters from left to spot x” with no zone? Or “@CHARACTER walks to spot x” with no zone?

So like @/BRIAR enters from left to spot 0.793 34 297

Great! Thank you :smiley:

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It still shows the character as moving in an upward diagonal motion to the spot. Is it possible to have her enter from further back? Thanks for your help!

Change the x coordinate to negative.

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@/BRIAR spot 0.793 -34 297 in zone 1 AND BRIAR faces right THEN BRIAR walks to spot 0.793 34 297 in zone 1


Thanks so much!!!

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