Help with Starting a Story

I have tried multiple times to create a story on the Writer’s Portal, but it is just not working. Every time I try to create one it gives me this screen:

Can anyone help me and tell me why this is happening? Much appreciated.


Maybe try and refresh the page.
If that doesnt work, then go over to the button that says “Start New Story” and click that one.

I have already tried to refresh the page and when I click on the “Start New Story” button, nothing happens.

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Maybe try and turn your computer off and back on?

It showed me the screen to create characters, I went to that screen, then went back and it gave me the screen that I posted up above.

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Maybe insert the information it is asking for? The story name, author name, description, etc. ?

I tried that, and still nothing happened.

Google chrome.

If you have another computer or desktop, try using that. Sometimes when I get issues with the portal, I just switch to another device and the problem usually goes away.
Hope this helps ~

Try to start the new story from the homepage. It gets confused when there isn’t a story to begin with.

Just write the name of your story and then press create. :joy::heart: