Help with stories!


Well, okay…Uhm i’m new so hi! And, i’m trying to make a new episode story, and all the scripts and everything confuse me. I barely know any scripts and i was wondering if you guys could help me out?


I know the struggle…

I’ve been writing on the portal for over a year and have memorized almost all of the codes!

Although it took me a while, here are some of the ways I’ve learned how to code!


Watch this! It’s tutorials on how to code. I would recommend watching them all then referring the the videos when your confused.

On the portal they have a public document with every code listed and what it does. I would refer to this A LOT!

Try writing on mobile!
You can go on the portal afterwards and see all the coding without you having to write it! Thus you can refer back to it when actually writing a story on the portal!

Google is your best friend…
Google your error or what code you’re trying to use. Chances are you’ll find your answer!

Play around with creating random stories! Don’t go straight to making your story. Play with coding and practice making scenes. When you feel you’re proficient enough, get started on your story.

These are just some of the tips and instructions on how I got so good at coding! It’s not as hard as it seems once you get a grasp. I know all the lines and blank white page can appear daunting, but it really isn’t!

I hope this helps!


I know that @ZADDY has basically said most of what you need to do lol. But it is mostly about trial and error. I started writing about a year ago and I have sooo many stories that have been metaphorically thrown in the trash haha but I learnt from Joseph Evans too because he is really good at explaining things and there is another YouTuber (I think it was Elly) who did some good tutorials! Plus if you ever need help the forums are very useful because your questions will most likely get answered very quickly and there are loads of people on here willing to give you out resources for free! Good luck in story writing :smiley: