Help with story description please?

I have two rough story descriptions:
She’s part of a band of thieves. He’s a clueless noble–the perfect mark. Except he isn’t clueless, and he was expecting her.
He’s a bounty hunter. She was his prey. Now, united by a common cause, can they put their history behind them? Or will it destroy everything?
I need help picking which one to use and how to best refine it. If you have any ideas for a story description that I could use also please let me know! Thanks in advance!

^^the issue with the first one is that it really only covers the first episode.

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I like the first description better but the last sentence is a bit redundant. If you tweaked it a bit I think it would be good!

I also tried to make some:

A thief and a bounty hunter, their target? Each other. That is until a bigger threat arises… Will it be a bullseye or miss?

Blinded by nobility, he’s the perfect mark. Until she realizes she’s his prey. When brought together will a new chapter start or will history repeat?


Those sound great, thank you so much!

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