Help with story description?

Hey, I’m really struggling with writing a suitable but catchy story description for my story that is within the character limit. I’m finding it hard writing a description that is catchy yet grabs the reader’s attention somehow whilst it containing the most important points of the plot? Please help if you can. You can PM me as well if you’d like.

This is the summary of the plot so far:

A thought struck through Thalia’s mind, what if she had a baby, perhaps her parents will finally praise her for something. Although how can she possibly do this if she hasn’t dated anyone since she was in high school. One day she crosses paths with someone she never thought she would run into in a million years, who also offers her to help her with her idea.

You don’t necessarily have to include her name within the description and the person she comes across is a man (someone from her past) so you can use “He/him” when describing him if you want to.


I’m gonna give this a shot idk if it is to long or not but here’s my description try .

As Thalia tries to please her parents she runs into someone she never thought she would cross paths with again.

If Thalia had a baby could she please her parents for once?Although she hasn’t dated in a while.What if she crosses paths with someone from her past

Here is one:

As Thalia tries to please her parents, she wonders if a baby could possibly make that happen. One day, she unexpectedly crosses paths with someone who offers to make that happen.

Hope this helps!

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Oooh I really love this one! Thank you soo much again! :smiling_face: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Heh, you’re welcome! Hope you’re having a good day/night. :smiling_face: :heart:

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With babies on her mind and fickle parents to please, a dateless Thalia is in a desperate situation… until an unexpected encounter with a old flame from her past, offers to get her one step closer to motherhood.

Thalia has been a constant disappointment to her parents, and her last resort is to provide them with an heir. With no prospects in sight, an old relation provides a last-ditch effort to conform to their expectations.

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